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The fantasy of Indigo

Indigo Grafix is a Kolkata based offshore web and software application development company. We have over 15 years of hands on experience in designing resourceful websites that have helped our clients take a giant leap ahead in their respective business arenas beginning from just a toehold in the vibrant internet space. We have come this far with the help of our highly skilled team of designers, content creators, programmers and web developers who have shared their most thoughtful insights towards making the internet experience a smooth ride for our clients and their associates.

Over the years we have harnessed the best technologies to create cutting edge web solutions. Beginning from Mobile and responsive websites to CMS websites, we have integrated Open Source development software like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PHP, HTML5 into our workflow create dynamic and engaging sites. We have also created detailed E-Commerce Websites with specialized software like X-Cart, Zen Cart and OS Commerce.

Along with the highly technical coding aspect of website creation we have seamlessly blended the aesthetic values of content creation and graphic design to offer our clients a delightful website designing experience. Our graphic designers create innovative digital patterns with inspiration from art and nature that translate into aesthetic forms with ethereal colours in the web pages that we design.

Our technical expertise and aesthetic sensibilities are aptly matched by amazingly quick turnaround times and rigorous quality consciousness. Before we offer our clients their final product well on time we make sure that it is functioning smoothly without any flaw in performance or appearance. We carefully examine the deliverables at every step of workflow to ensure a flawless website experience.

Along with our expertise in web development and graphics creation we also offer Content Management Services, Advertising & Media Planning Services, Video Documentation Services and Printing Services. Like the clouds almost always bring the rain, we assure you that you can always rely on us at Indigo Grafix to deliver the perfect communication strategy, both online and offline, to boost your brand’s presence and perception in today's highly dynamic business environment.

  • Over 2000 Clients
  • Over 15 years in Business

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