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Logo and Branding Design

Creating Good Impressions

Like people know us by our names, brands are known by their logos. Good logos stay etched in public memory and consumers who swear by their favourite brands wear the brand’s logo proudly and at all times.

So what does it take to create that winning logo? And why do companies spend tons of money on simple branding? Well the answer is very simple. It’s all about being the consumer’s blue eyed baby. Consumers rush to brands that sport great logos. Simple logos become easily identifiable. At times a logo also stands to convey social status and hierarchy indicating the consumers buying power and quality preference.

But do good logos appear out of thin air? It really would have been a cakewalk for designers if that were true. Many companies take months to just finalise their brand’s logo. Designers and researchers often spend a lot of time reading into the brand’s personality before they come up with strategic colour schemes and logo styles that will make the brand attractive and easily differentiable from the competition.

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