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Packaging Design

Skin deep

Anything that looks beautiful always attracts attention. So if you want your product to sell and to be talked about you know just as well as we do that it has to be packaged beautifully. From computers to beauty lotions, Indigo Grafix has a team of talented designers who create the perfect packaging design to suit your product’s essence.

We create funky looks and sober designs based on the nature of the product. We take design one step ahead with creative photography to blend amazingly well with modern graphics. We highlight product qualities with simple but well thought out icons. All this along with a wide range of fluid colours make our packaging design visually pleasing and effective.

The final phase of packaging design is the material in which the design is printed and the actual shape of the packaging itself. We create ergonomic packaging shapes to reduce wastage and fabrication time. This allows you to package your product efficiently minimizing hassles of punctuality in delivery times. Our packaging is also ably supported by our eco awareness program where we suggest eco friendly packaging to reduce the burden on the environment.

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