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Social Media Marketing

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Indigo Grafix offers the best Social Media Marketing tools to help you leverage the social media advantage.

In this era of breezy online networking, social media has become a great tool for accentuating the reach of your business. Social media is both efficient and effective when it comes to promoting brand presence and essence. But to realise this goal one needs to design a great social media strategy to boost brand awareness and make it visible in the right circles.

At Indigo Grafix, we have honed our skills to offer you the most cost effective Social Media Marketing solutions that will make you and your brand really popular on the internet.

Indigo Sites
Over 3000 Up and
Running Websites
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Indigo Bunch

  • Bookmarking
  • Engaging participation
  • Creating relevant Videos, Images and Updates
  • Advertising Brand Value and Essence
  • Employing Social Media Analytics
  • Conducting Social Media Audit
  • Conducting Competitor Landscape Analysis
  • Effective Online Reputation Management
  • Monitoring conversations
  • Customize

    Research and Review
  • Create

    Cost effective Campaigns
    Enhance visibility on popular social media
    Energise Word of Mouth
  • Capitalise

    Create events, discussions
    Offer gifts and takeaways
    Realise great brands presencer
  • Over 2000 Clients
  • Over 15 years in Business

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